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 CHAMBERI STATION, is a singular space, is the only completely original station of Metro de Madrid (Underground). Now has been converted in part of the museum called "Anden 0" (the other place of the museum: Nave de Motores de Pacifico-Pacifico engineering Place). The station is not in used.

The station maintains the design and furniture as the day it was closed (even used tickets and other objects of the time), so it could be seen as a time machine. Inaugurated in 1919, was closed in 1966. In the 60s, because the passenger traffic was increased, Metro decide introduce new higher capacity trains of six cars. They decided the closure of the station (in curve) because its location was proximity to Bilbao Station and Iglesia station.

 The lobby retains all original features: The main ticket office, the booster, the revision, the input control traveler, nestled steps and even the staff room

"Chamberi" serviced the first Metro line (linea 1). Its design, by architect Antonio Palacios, with colorists panels at lobbies, corridors and platforms, using ceramic panels and white and cobalt blue

The platforms, decorated with tiles, brings us back to another times with ceramic advertisements were below of paper advertisements used in the lasts years that the station was used.

Route information was lettered by hand on the wall. This allowed change information when expanding a station

Currently the trains do not stop at the station, but the trains cross it. Travelers line 1 can see it from the train.

The station was restored and recovered in 2006, according to the project of the architects Pau Soler and Miguel Rodriguez, performing full interior restoration and recovery of the original furniture and platforms, and the creation of a new access (modern design) because the original had disappeared

For more information:
Catalogo de la exposición del Circulo de Bellas Artes: "Antonio Palacios: constructor de Madrid"
Text:Álvaro Rey
Photos: Manuel Rey/Álvaro Rey

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